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Master of Arts in Contemporary Theater, Dance and Dramaturgy at Utrecht University (2020-2021)/Netherlands. Master in Psychology at Federal University of Paraná / Brazil (2017), graduated in Psychology at Tuiuti University of Paraná / Brazil (2013) and a professional actress. I work in both fields, exploring the relationship between Psychology and Art.


I'm a Brazilian actress, interested in new art experiences and artistic exchanges. I'm motivated by meeting people, places, moments and discoveries. My career began when I started taking theatre classes when I was seven years old, but the most important productions in my career happened between 2009 and 2020. I consider that my restlessness drove me to find different art expressions. I believe in the grandiosity of movements, in synaesthesia, in the strength of our words and in who we are. I'm always in movement. My creative processes happen through things I've lived and loved, and also what I believe and experience. As an artist, I'm attracted to theatre acting, dance, photography and movies. I want to go forward, always.

foto_ Luan Campos

Foto: Luan Campos

Foto: Luan Campos

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