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  • Master of Arts  in Contemporary Theatre, Dance and Dramaturgy at Utrecht University - Netherlands  (2020-2021)

  • Master in Psychology at Federal University of Paraná (2015-2017)

  •  Bachelors' Degree in Psychology at Universidade Tuiuti do Paraná (2009-2013)

  • Theater classes at Pé no Palco Atividades Artisticas (2009-2012) - licensed actress (DRT 28320)



Cultural Exchange

Cultural exchange for five months  in the United Kingdom (2010/2011) and ten months in the Netherlands (2020-2021)

Professional experience




Autumn Dream (2018)

Text: Jon Fosse Adaptation: Marcos Damaceno. Staging: Marcos Damaceno and Rosana Stavis.

Cômodo (2016)

Text, dramaturgy & staging: Andreia Porto, Helen Kaliski and Sissa Stecanella
Cast: Andreia Porto, Helen Kaliski and Sissa Stecanella
Lighting: Henrique Hellstrom and Matheus Coimbra
Photo & video: SÉRJO
Graphic artist: Amorim

** Show presented from 4 to 21 August 2016.


Perpetual (2015)
Playwright: Daniele Cristyne Direction: Darlei Fernandes
Cast: Andreia Porto, Carol Damião and João Graff

Sound and Original Track: Jo Mistinguett

Photography: Akio Garmatter and Elenize Dezgeniski
ACHIEVEMENT: Subjétil Company

** Show presented on December 1, 2015, at Teatro José Maria Santos, in the dramaturgy and staging show sesi teatro guaíra

Doors (2013)

Artistic Residency at Súbita Cia de Teatro. Solo Portas guided by Maira Lour and Janaina Matter. Text and Direction: Andreia Porto. Presentation on November 7, 2013, at the Cultural Current of Curitiba.

Other shows: Pulso - Essays on Confession (2012), Bailei na Curva (2011), Any madness (2010), This monster passion that takes us away (2009).


Fragmentation (2014)

Text: Andreia Porto. Cast: Andreia Porto and Sissa Oliveira. Presentation held on November 7, 2014, at Tijucão Cultural.

Cômodo (2015)

Exhibition Home / Home on 02/28 and 03/01. Curitiba-PR. Text: Andreia Porto and Mariana Porto. Actress: Andreia Porto.

About Light and Shadow (2015)

Performance: Andreia Porto, Sissa Stecanella and Henrique Hellstrom Lighting: Henrique Hellstrom Video recording and editing: Sérgio Gonçalves Jr. Soundtrack: Balmohea - Remembrance Balmohea - Fake fealty





{Before} (2020)

video: Andreia Porto and Juliana Coelho

trail Daniel Coelho

April | May | June | July | August (2020)

3 mini stories narrated on video totaling three months at home during the quarantine of covid-19 in Brazil. video. text . performance: Andreia Porto

What is love? | What is love? (2017)

Direction _ & _ Edition_ Cassiana Maranha

Dancers_ Cassiana Maranha, Andreia Porto, Malki Pinsag, Wesley Hatch, Debora Gomes, Maíra Vianna, Denir Veranieiro, Erika Neves, Felipe Feijó, Jose Gonzalez, Melissa de Castro, Flávio Cimaglio, Isabela Fausto, Filipe Ieski, Rafael Guimarães, Will Rothschild, Carrie Hedstrom, Vinicius D'Avila, Laura Loisy, Leonardo Fernandes, Annabel Poli, Fernanda Gomes, Clariana Maranha, Thaiza Senna, Camila Valiente, Leigh Nilsen, Rhaianne Aguiar, Ana Clara Maranha Marques.

Music_ The Album Leaf

Becoming (2016)

Genre: Drama, Comedy.

VIR-A-SER is an independent medium-length film (55 '). drama / comedy, directed by Arthur Lestak with script by Arthur Lestak and Larissa Stein.

Cast: Nathalia Taschetti, Gustavo Piaskoski, Andreia Porto, Raquel Rizzo
Orli Carara.

14; 25 (2015)

Video-Dance Pilot Project

Dancers_Andreia Porto & Beatriz Trautwein

Other videos: About your roses (2015), Videoleitura (2015), AP 105 (2015), Studere (2014), Paraná Psychologists' Union (2013) and "that girl" - Luiz Felipe Leprevost (2013)

Arts in general:


Cave Artistic Installation (2015)

Artistic installation by Hambre Coletivo Artístico, part of the programming of Mostra 105, on March 14, 2015.


Creator: Sissa Oliveira
Texts: Alan Amorim, Andreia Porto, Gustavo Scholz, Igor Francisco, Henrique Gusso and Sissa Oliveira
Graphic Artist: Amorim
Composition: Carolina A. Cesconetto
Duration: 20 minutes

01 tank top. 07 invitations. (2015)

Photographic Project by Juliana Coelho.

Available at:


English (advanced)

Spanish (intermediate)

Italian (basic)


Portuguese - native language



  • Intensive Interpretation for TV and Cinema. Live Eye Project. Minister: Marcelo Munhoz. July 2011.


  • Free Theater Courses Pé no Palco (2009-2012)


  • Minister at the Body Expression Workshop in the 11th Edition of Purungo (Curitiba Design Students Meeting). October 12, 2013.

  • Contemporary Dance at Vila Arte- 2014
  • Advanced Comedy Course for Actors and Non-Actors - Eccentric Space Mauro Zanatta - 2015
  • Classical Ballet - Beginners Class - La Belle Dance - 2016
  • Theater Workshop - Marcos Damaceno and Rosana Stavis 2018

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