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Main Theater plays


Cômodo (2016)

Inside a house, three actresses explore the duality existent in the meaning of the word “comfortable”, which in Portuguese can have two meanings: it can be the name of a certain room of a house - and it can also be related to the feeling of comfort, cozyness. The actresses played with this ambivalence through body movements and textual reflections about who we are and what makes us feel comfortable.



Text, dramaturgy & staging: Andreia Porto, Helen Kaliski and Sissa Stecanella
Cast: Andreia Porto, Helen Kaliski and Sissa Stecanella
Voice off: Vinícius Antunes
Lighting: Henrique Hellstrom and Matheus Coimbra
Soundtrack: Andreia Porto, Helen Kaliski and Sissa Stecanella
Photo & video: SÉRJO
Graphic artist: Amorim
Production: Andreia Porto, Helen Kaliski and Sissa Stecanella
Production assistant: Jessica Gomes
Press Office: William Saab
Sound capture: Vinícius Antunes
Support: Hambre Coletivo Artístico, Das Nuvens and all 111 funders of the show.

Classification: 14 years

Perpetual (2015)

A body that falls to the ground, due to its inability in being alive. On the one hand, a woman in search of her memories - on the other, a girl in search of her own life. Between them, death as the grave digger. Everything is perpetuated! In each encounter, a tumble. In the abyss of life, what remains for them is death: continuous, eternal, immutable and something more to be said.

Playwright: Daniele Cristyne Direction: Darlei Fernandes
Cast: Andreia Porto, Carol Damião and João Graff Characterization: Aline Elena, Simone Iahnig Jacques, Andry Suzani Scenography: Marina Moraes Sound and Original Track: Jo Mistinguett Sound Operator: Jo Mistinguett Lighting: Fábia Regina Light Operator: Semy Monastier Production: Carol Damião Production Assistant: César Prevedello Photo: Elenize Dezgeniski
ACHIEVEMENT: Subjétil Company
PRODUCTION: HORLA Production and Art
SUPPORTS: Bagozzi College, Bizarre World

** Show presented on December 1, 2015, at Teatro José Maria Santos, in the dramaturgy and staging show sesi teatro guaíra

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